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Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy helps you strengthen and deepen your relationship in a caring and supportive context, generating greater closeness, connection and intimacy.

Watch the clip below to hear how EFT Founder, Dr Sue Johnson, explains how you can evoke this mysterious thing called “love” just by talking in a new way – a deeper, more emotional way with each other.

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Why choose EFT?

EFT is based on 20 years of validated studies on relationship distress and adult love. These ideas are supported by research into the nature of marital distress and adult bonding. It is collaborative and respectful of all clients and helps you create safe and supportive bonds. EFT has been shown to be effective for a variety of relationship problems and populations.

EFT is best known as a cutting edge, tested and proven couple intervention, but it is also used to address individual depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress (EFIT – Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy) and to repair family bonds (EFFT – Emotionally Focused Family Therapy).  

Interested in attending a couples workshop?

Hold Me Tight® is an intensive weekend workshop for couples designed around seven conversations based on the Hold Me Tight book by Dr. Sue Johnson. These conversations have been shown to be essential for successful, lasting relationships. 

Featured Therapists

For The Public 1 - Melbourne EFT

Libby Baensch

My passion to become a Relationship Therapist began with experiencing my own relational trauma and brokenness…………and finding that healing, personal restoration and creating a deeply...

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For The Public 2 - Melbourne EFT

Kyo “Kay” Chung

I am a registered counsellor with special interest in relationships, childhood trauma, attachment injury, family violence, parenting, couples and family therapy, and holistic healing. My...

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For The Public 3 - Melbourne EFT

Jane Green

Conflict is an inevitable part of relationships. My work with couples focusses on gaining a deeper understanding of each others, as well as their own,...

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For The Public 4 - Melbourne EFT

Kirsty Miller

I am a Clinical Family Therapist who works with individuals, couples and families experiencing difficulties in their relationships. I have a background in family therapy,...

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For The Public 6 - Melbourne EFT

Dr Amanda Peyton

I live and work in the beautiful mid-north coast of NSW. In my 20 years of practice as a Counselling Psychologist I have worked with...

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For The Public 8 - Melbourne EFT

Lee Beaton

A relationship that thrives and gives you fulfilment will bring the kind of lasting happiness that enables you and your partner to grow and create...

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For The Public 10 - Melbourne EFT

Jo Gniel

Jo Gniel is a relationship counsellor dedicated to building human connection; helping people create healthy relationships and wellbeing in all aspects of life. The core...

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