Diversity Statement

At MCEFT we are committed to doing our part in creating a fair and just society. Specifically, we seek to educate ourselves, so as to address racism and marginalisation in our Australian and international community. This supports our mission of nurturing strong relationships for all. 

  • We align with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) Board’s ‘Statement on Diversity and Racism’ as below
  • We are developing Professional Development that will deepen our engagement with this important area of our growth and development as therapists starting in 2021



At the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) we are dedicated to developing secure, resilient individuals and successful trusting relationships between partners and within families across the globe. As such, we stand against all forms of racism and discrimination and stand in support of the Black community.

With new eyes, we condemn the abhorrent impact of systemic racism in our world, our societies, and in our own organization.   We are committed to listening, learning and growing, so that we can better embody our values of inclusion, equality and diversity. We can and will do better. As a community, we commit to becoming an anti-racist organization, working in close collaboration with our Diversity and Inclusion Group, as well as with members in our community who have experienced marginalization.

Together we will fight racism, both as a principle and as a tangible reality in our training programs, our clinical work and our interactions with communities across different countries and cultures.  

Our renewed aim is to share our expertise and knowledge in the service of healing racial trauma, helping people value differences and enabling them to also embrace our common humanity.

We will take a more focused and deliberate action to welcome and promote greater openness and compassion in all our endeavours.  With inclusion, equity, and diversity as foundational values, our work will continue to remain grounded in attachment science which asserts that we are all wired for connection and share common needs to be seen, valued and supported by others.  

With so much to learn we will remain curious and committed to our aspirations to become an equitable organization where everyone can thrive—until we get it right. Working together we will get there.

* The above is slightly adapted from the ICEEFT Position Statement on Diversity and Racism found here https://iceeft.com/stance-on-diversity/