Benefits of Membership

Community Support

Form new relationships with other therapists within the EFT community to help you enhance your confidence and competence as an EFT therapist.

Find a Therapist

Add your bio and photo to our ‘Find an EFT Therapist’ directory, once your basic EFT training is complete.

Professional Development

Stay up to date with the latest EFT events, webinars and training sessions. Access a database of supportive downloadable EFT therapist resources.

Peer Groups

You don't have to go it alone. Join a Peer Group of like minded professionals to supplement your learning in a supportive environment.

Raise Your Profile

Build your marketing online presence through contributing blogs and articles for the MCEFT website. Benefit from our SEO standing.

*MCEFT is part of an international community of EFT Therapists, co-ordinated by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, ICEEFT. To join MCEFT, you must also be a member of ICEEFT. We encourage you to review the benefits of ICEEFT membership and join your international community by following this link.

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