Powerful Couples Counselling

Powerful Couples Counselling

Powerful Couples Counselling

Powerful Couples Counselling

When you’re looking for couples counselling that works, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is what we recommend. 

We’ve both explored many other models of couples counselling and we decided to study EFT because of what it offers you (and us!) in support and healing for intimate relationships. It’s what we would turn to ourselves.

So what is EFT Couples Counselling?

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a model of couples counselling, which was developed from the evidence-based science of adult attachments, a theory of intimate relationships.

Attachment theory helps us understand how infants attach to their caregiver and then relate similarly to others. It is underpinned by the idea that people are made healthier by emotional contact and need to feel safe in all their connections, especially adult romantic relationships. It creates a clear foundation from which to understand love in a relationship. 

Why is it so good?

There is a huge body of research over the past 30 years, which validates the EFT model for couple therapy. This has created a map based on the scientific study of adult love and bonding in which your therapist is rigorously trained. It clearly defines the process of healing a relationship bond through three specifics stages.

  1. Descalating your reactive negative cycle
  2. Reshaping your bond
  3. Consolidating your new positive way of relating

How can it help you?

You might think you just have communication problems and need to learn new skills. However, EFT helps to get underneath these communication difficulties to your emotions and how these drive you into unhelpful patterns and cycles of interaction. It will enable you to reshape your intimate bond so that you have greater trust,  intimacy and confidence in each other.

Does it work?

It definitely does improve the quality of your relationship, even if you don’t complete the whole three stages. Research shows that EFT is effective in helping couples recover from relationship distress 70 to 75% of the time. 90% of couples participating in EFT report improvement in their relationships.

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