Webinar Recording: Jim Furrow – Mastering EFT Interventions



Dr. Jim Furrow | Mastering EFT Interventions

Therapist confidence grows when mastering the moments using a particular approach. In EFT a particular intervention in a specific moment makes a significant difference in the progress of the couple. An EFT therapist has a map for the territory of attachment and emotion and a variety of interventions to guide the way; however, finding a flow with the EFT model requires something more. This workshop will help you identify and master those critical moments. It will help you discern which EFT intervention to apply, opening the way for deeper impact, understanding and change for your couples.

What participants said:
Jim joined us from California, but it was like we could feel his presence in the room. He presented as a gifted therapist and trainer. 
I have been to a lot of training but I would rate Jim’s webinar as 10/10 in terms of content and delivery 
Jim was a talented speaker who integrated head and heart in a wise and experiential way that modelled the principles of EFT so well.”

This recording provides 2 hours of material.
This is confidential material containing footage of clients. Please do not share.